Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Better known as socially responsible investing. This type of investing is used by certain investors to evaluate sustainability and ethical practices in corporate and business real estate. A type of behavioral science measurement in determining the future financial performance of specific companies and their concerns.

Attitudes along with various economies of scale are changing, and energy efficiencies and ethics are important to many and their business decisions. To help create a better world for them and their children, this value system aligns the investors’ financial with personal priorities.

(ESG) is here and will subtly become a crucial factor within the next few decades as a barometer for impact investing. As our local economy continues to transform and become more globally dependent, elements of pollution, diversity, biases, corruption and bribery, will force the leaders of the future to be proactive in their efforts to be solvent and world class.

This set of non-financial performance benchmarks can ultimately become a catalyst to help manage many industry’s corporate citizenship footprint to ensure that systems are in place to hold accountability and continued profitability decades to come.

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