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Gold Rush or Pandemic? Either way you see it, buyers are flocking to the Southeast. The high density areas like New York, California and Philadelphia are realizing they could have made this move years ago. New arrivals are not only purchasing residential homes to live in they are also investing, starting and buying businesses at the same rate. They are trading spaces and occupations as well as lifestyle. This is favoring well for the migrating destinations like Charleston, S.C. The sprawl is on as newer master plan communities can’t get engineered fast enough. Drive five minutes in any direction urban or the suburbs, development is taking shape across our city. Multifamily developers have done their homework and are purchasing value add apartments while others are seeking multi-unit zoned parcels for ground up opportunities. Mixed use office, retail with contemporary living is attractive to the young and affluent giving a live, work, and play experience that’s familiar. The pandemic has certainly made a seismic impact on this generation in many ways but triggering a gold rush reaction would be the last prediction for anyone year ago.

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